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40 Years of Commitment

My husband and I met Gary Peters in 1983 when he was introduced to us by an orthopedic surgeon
associate. I had recently completed radiology training, and my husband was finishing his orthopedic
residency. We worked with Gary over the years while we raised our children, moved to a larger home,
and led busy lives. Gary helped us at the start getting our insurance and protection in proper order,
providing introductions to an attorney and an accountant, and establishing investments and retirement accounts.

 Since we are from the same generation, we thought that our financial matters would be in order when
we all retired, and the need for any financial planning, advice or coordination would end.
Our finances are in order, but we soon realized that there are still many moving parts in retirement,
including updating wills and trusts, regularly having a tax strategy discussion with our accountant, being
coached on the best ways to take income in retirement, and being updated regularly on current financial
issues. The financial decisions that we have to make in retirement are far more complicated than we thought.

Now that Gary is semi-retired, we work with the team he has put into place to continue providing the
service and experience we have received over the years. His son Nick has been our primary advisor for
the last three years and it is reassuring to know that we will have someone helping and guiding us for
the remainder of our retirement.

- Shelley C. 

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