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<p>Career Long Guidance</p>

Career Long Guidance

Gary and I met in the early 1980s when I was an orthopedic resident.  He started us on the right path to financial planning, beginning with the basics, including life and disability insurance and retirement savings.  As the years went on, he made a number of additional recommendations such as long-term care insurance.  In recent years, he emphasized that “retirement is not an event, it is a process”, and we worked with him for about 6-8 years to prepare for this.  Nick joined us a few years ago and has added to these efforts, demonstrating impressive skills at analyzing financial data.  As an additional example of this multi-generational process, Gary’s team has also been working with our children as they have entered their professional years.

We are now living comfortably and securely in our retirement years.  We will always appreciate all that Gary and his team have done to help us reach this stage of our lives.  


-Gary and Ann P.


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