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Challenges with Group Disability

Challenges with Group Disability

Early in my career when I was transitioning from one employer to another, I had the option of continuing a high quality individual disability income policy the employer provided.  I discussed with Gary and told him my new employer provided a substantial amount of group disability coverage.  Gary reviewed all the contracts and recommended that I continue the coverage by paying the premium myself. He had shared that the high quality contract was much different and better than the group, “not all policies are the same”. He also said I could have both policies and potentially collect on both as long as I qualified according to the provisions of each contract. I questioned if I needed all the coverage and Gary said, “There is so no such thing as too much disability income protection. “  I kept the policy even though every time I paid the premium, I said to myself “I’ll never need this.”

Fast forward many years, and I’m in a severe bicycle accident and now disabled. Hopefully it’s temporary, but it might be permanent. I filed claims paperwork for both individual coverage and the group LTD. I was approved for claims payment on the individual high quality policy, but to my surprise declined by the group! I have hired an attorney to contest the denial… who knows?’

Further, I was pleased that I had a benefit on my whole life insurance called “Disability Waiver of Premium” which meant if disabled, the insurance company pays the full premium, and I don’t have to pay while disabled. This is a substantial policy, and I could not continue the payments without this benefit. Now, in another way I am pleased I have all these coverages.

- Ian B. 

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