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In my position as a consultant and coach, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of the industry’s top advisors and teams, and the competency, professionalism, and commitment to service that the Peters Group brings every day is unique and refreshing.  I have been working with the group for over five years, specifically helping them build out a team of professionals so they are positioned to provide the very best counsel, advice, and client experience today, and for many years to come.   

There are a number of attributes that make the Peters Group unique.  First, the Peters Group knows their clients and their needs, implicitly.  Gary and team have been working with medical professionals and their families for decades.  Gary has shared how gratifying it has been to work with some clients from their residency, all the way through to a successful and fulfilling retirement.  The team understands the unique sacrifices physicians have made, and their commitment to patient care and patient outcomes, and the team is focused on being a trusted advisor and invaluable partner.   A second differentiator is the depth of talent in the group, each with complementary strengths in specific areas, enabling them to work seamlessly together to do more for clients and to broaden their impact.  Third, rarely do you see an organization with such a dedicated and experienced group of administrative support team members, with over 60 years of combined service with the Peters Group. A final differentiator is the way that they bring all their experience and expertise together to create a culture of mutual respect, always committed to getting better.  It’s truly gratifying to work with a group of such committed and compassionate professionals.

- John Cianciulli, Team Edge Consulting 

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