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Multi-Generational Planning

Multi-Generational Planning

I have been a client of Gary Peters, and now his son Nick for over 25 years. My husband first met Gary when he was a first year attending at MEEI. Gary gave a talk on developing good financial habits to the hospital staff, and my husband was very impressed by Gary and what he heard. We quickly scheduled a meeting with him and Gary then became our financial advisor. Over the years, Gary and his team have worked with many of our family members, including my now adult daughters. Not only has the team advised us exceedingly well, but Gary and Nick have become dear friends.

Eleven years ago, my husband sadly passed away. While he was in the hospital, although he was unresponsive, Gary would visit him frequently, sitting by his bedside. I remain truly touched by this to this day. Following his passing, I was scared and in a fog, but Gary and the team guided me and always took the time to explain things to me in a manner that allowed me to understand without ever being condescending. 

Now that Gary is semi-retired, my daughters and I are enjoying working with his son Nick. We had the utmost confidence in Gary during and following a difficult time in our lives, and we continue to have that confidence in Nick!

Linda M.



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