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Mutually Agreeable Understanding

I first met and collaborated with Gary Peters around the mid-1980’s when I was Associated Dean/Director of Graduate Medical Education at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. I arranged for Gary to provide a brief session for young physicians in training , offering advice on a few basic personal financial issues.

 There was a clear mutually-agreeable understanding that there would be no insurance sales pitch and no direct follow-up with individual residents However, to their benefit, a few individual residency programs did invite Gary to meet with any program residents who wanted more information. This arrangement was so well received that  it continued for many years and was implemented at a few Boston teaching hospitals.

 Gary’s advice was straightforward. First, realizing that residents were not earning high salaries, save as much as you can and build up cash reserves for life events and unexpected expenses. As to purchasing any insurance, get basic coverage and protection in order.    

 Looking back, the concept remains the same now as it did then and proved to be a great idea in the interest of young professionals just starting out.

-Shep C.


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