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Our Uncommon Approach

Each client is different and will have different needs and desires, but the end goal for the us is always the same, to help build financial freedom for everyone who depends on us for financial guidance.

The process we follow to build financial freedom is disciplined, rigorous and tested. Our approach is comprehensive and is designed to help you with any financial need whether it be related to insurance, equities, tax strategies, debt, estate planning, succession planning or wealth accumulation. We firmly believe in process-over-product, which means that we will never put products before your needs.

If you give us 6 hours of your time and 60 days to get your “financial house” in order, we will worry about your finances so you don’t have to. You work hard for your money and it is our job to make sure that your money is working hard for you.

We spend the time to understand your specific situation and we take great pride in being able to develop customized plans for each client. Our approach is designed to help you achieve financial freedom so you can “live the dream.”

The Stages of your career:

I. Completion of Basic/Undergraduate Education (ages 21-25)

- Understand important financial decisions to start your career

  • Credit Cards
  • Savings Accounts
  • Potential Group/Employer Benefits
  • Retirement Vehicles
  • Protection & Insurance
  • Cash Flow & Budgeting

II. Professional Skill Development (ages 22-31)

- Understand important financial decisions to start your career

  • Credit Cards
  • Savings Accounts
  • Potential Group/Employer Benefits
  • Retirement Vehicles
  • Protection & Insurance
  • Cash Flow & Budgeting
  • Student Loan Options

III. Approaching End of Training & Early Career (ages 26-35)

  • Employment Contact Review
  • Create an Organized Plan
  • Special Program for Physicians
  • Short, Mid, & Long-Term Savings Goals and Vehicles
  • Proper Coordination of all Protection Items
  • Paydown of Student Loans & Options

IV. Growth, Accumulation, and Family Years (ages 35-55)

  • Different tax strategies impacts on different vehicles
  • Increase protection
  • Gaining growth on your savings and hard earned money
  • Estate Planning

V. Approaching Retirement (ages 55-67)

  • Continuation and reevaluation of all protection items
  • Estate Planning
  • Shift of Asset Allocation

VI. Retirement Years (ages 67+)

  • Optimizing the dollars you can spend and enjoy in retirement

Approaching Retirement

  • People approaching retirement face a new set of unique challenges, some of which many people never think of or address until the last minute or when it is too late.
  • Financial planning in retirement is far different than it was just 50 years ago. At that time life expectancy was far shorter than it is today. Defined benefit plans and social security often replaced a significant part of one’s pre-retirement income. In addition, a little nest egg conservatively positioned provided for the unexpected.
  • Today we have experienced the perfect storm for people approaching and in retirement. The stock market has experienced two major downturns of approximately 50% over the last 15 years. This has caused many people to panic and move investments to money markets paying close to 0% interest. Interest rates on conservatively positioned nest eggs are at historic lows. Couple this with longevity risk and you have a dangerous terrain to maneuver. If you take an average 67 year old couple, there is a 50% chance one of them will be alive at age 92!
  • Most people want to eliminate as much uncertainty and risk from their financial lives and be sure that they will not run out of money in retirement. They also want to be sure that they have a backup for the unexpected and will not be a burden on their children.

Key Concepts

  • Most people underestimate what they will want for an income in retirement to replace their current standard of living. Retirement is not a point in time. Roofs on houses need to be replaced, appliances need to be replaced as well as cars.
  • Inflation does not go away in retirement. One needs a growing income for many years. For example, today’s 85 year olds are paying $.49 for a postage stamp. When they retired in 1995 at the age of 65 the cost was $.32.
  • Financial assets usually work best when positioned in different asset classes so that some provide guaranteed income (like a pension and social security), some provide growth to offset inflation and then there is “Safety Money” available for “what-if’s” and the unexpected.
  • For most people it does not work to have all financial assets in guaranteed vehicles. They provide very little income in today’s environment with no possible additional growth to offset inflation.
  • Our uncommon approach that has been refined over the last 35 years has been designed to help you achieve financial freedom.


During Step 1, we educate you on financial planning & the steps to take to achieve your financial freedom

  • Develop a thorough understanding of your financial goals & what is important to you
  • Fully organize all of your finances
  • Take preliminary steps to building your financial plan


During Step 2, we work collaboratively to build a comprehensive financial plan

  • Receive access to the comprehensive & unique Living Balance Sheet® tool
  • Communicate your current financial outlook, where it’s leading you and compare that outcome to your optimal plan.
  • Outline the specific steps to take to achieve your desired state
  • Begin building a plan that helps you appropriately reach your financial goals


During Step 3, we take the actions to fulfill your financial plan

  • Begin process of changes to optimize and protect your cash flow, assets and liabilities
  • Analysis of all group benefits, investments and retirement plans
  • Complete the process of fully organizing your finances


During Step 4, we work behind the scenes to review your plan and make necessary changes

  • Get your property and casualty coverage is in order.
  • Collaborate with attorneys, CPAs, and numerous other professionals to build out your comprehensive plan. We don’t want you to have to worry about any part of your financial plan so we rely on a holistic approach aimed at helping you achieve all of your financial goals.
  • Check in phone calls to continue momentum and make it easy for you to make progress week by week


During Step 5, we evaluate changes and implement steps

  • Review any concerns not already discussed
  • Implement protection and investment solutions
  • Continue to help you by utilizing our comprehensive & unique Living Balance Sheet® tool


During Step 6, we periodically review your plan and make adjustments as needed

  • Ensure your cash flow is running properly and meeting your savings and investment goals
  • Recognize & adjust to any life changes and events
  • Allows you to focus on your career and family while our team continuously works to keep your finances optimized.