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Shortly after I started as CEO for a large orthopedic group in Florida, we had to make a change with the retirement plan. We were not getting serviced appropriately by the group who was handling our 401(k), and they did not seem to be very competent. We moved our plan to a large regional bank and we were told were great with retirement planning. It turned out we were a small plan amongst thousands of other 401(k)’s. We moved again.  Fifteen months later realized the new organization also had many short comings.

One of the partners at our practice was referred to financial advisor Gary Peters by several colleagues while he was doing his fellowship training in Boston, MA. He was impressed with Gary and pleased to learn that Gary’s team had several clients in FL, where he planned to move after completing his training. The financial advisor’s team, The Peters Group, specializes in working with physicians, medical practices, and other medical professionals.

Gary, Brad and Nick came to meet with me and the doctors at our practice, and we were impressed. It was a relatively easy decision to move the 401(k) to them. The knowledge and insight they shared gave us comfort knowing that working with us was important to them. Four years later, many of the doctors in the practice also work with Gary and his team for their own personal financial planning. They meet with us in person at our office every year to review the retirement plan. The Peters Group has a unique advantage because of their specialization working with medical professionals. Now that Gary has pretty much retired, Brad and Nick along with their Team has taken over and the process has been seamless."

-Chris N.

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